Coast to Coast

Some exciting things have been happening lately. It really all started with my friend (who happens to be Ben’s sister) Lindsey. We have bonded over our love for crafting since the beginning of our relationship, and we both happened to share the same lofty goal of creating our own Etsy shops. We even joked around about creating one together someday, maybe when we were living in the same state again rather than on different sides of the country. But a few weeks ago, she texted me and told me that she felt like God was telling her to act on this now. I told her we should go for it. Something about it feels right. I have the tendency to have great ideas that I talk about and dream about, but am constantly saying that it’s not the right time for that. It would succeed more in a few months. It would be too much to handle right now. But with Lindsey’s enthusiasm, I realized that there truly is no time like the present. So we’re currently in the process of creating an Etsy shop that will sell watercolor prints and greeting cards with different designs and lettering.

We’re calling it East West Design Company. Lindsey lives in the west and I live in the east. I think it’s just kind of awesome.


We really don’t know what we’re doing, to be honest. We’re nervous about failing, but excited at the possibility of succeeding and this becoming a bigger thing. We’re just learning as we go, all while living 2500 miles apart.

A cool thing that I came across in God’s perfect timing was a blog called Life Lived Beautifully. In her post from today, she gave the exact encouragement that we needed.

I am here to write to you, struggling business owners, big-dreamers, entrepreneurs with large ideas and small funds, that owning a business isn’t about success, followers or money.It is about the glory of God and becoming a woman after His heart. It is not about building self-esteem and accomplishing great things to put on your resume. If this is your purpose, you will quit a month or two later when the business doesn’t grow exponentially and you feel extremely vulnerable after putting your heart out for the whole world to examine. It is about greater things than mere resumes, it is about the kingdom of God. It is about being usable and useful to spread the Gospel in a unique way. It is about doing all things to make much of the name of Jesus. God doesn’t give us a platform to share trivial, fleeting things. He wants you to use a megaphone to proclaim His excellencies to a world that doesn’t know Him or value His worth (whether you have five followers or five-thousand.)

I don’t think it gets any more clear than that!

I’m excited for this and I hope you’ll love what we create! Here’s a preview of some things we’ve made so far:






Be sure to follow us on Instagram, too!



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