The Wedding


Our Ampersand Photography

“It’ll be over in the blink of an eye” said every person ever. I should’ve believed them. Our wedding day really did fly by! I even woke up super early to make the day seem longer and it still went too quickly.

I feel like it’s important that I document it now while it’s all still fresh on my mind. Maybe you’re slightly interested in hearing about the wedding day from the bride’s perspective. I know I’m dying to hear what everyone thought about it. I only thought about that day for months and months leading up to it! For example, was the cake good? Because guess who didn’t get ANY dessert from her cherished dessert bar?

Our Ampersand Photography

Our Ampersand Photography

For days leading up to April 18th, my biggest concern was the weather, of course. I knew that the Lord would answer my prayers, and HE DID! It didn’t rain on us.


Our Ampersand Photography

No one was more surprised than me about how relaxed I was from the start of the day until the end. I woke up and had a few minutes of quiet time on my front porch with my cat. That was awesome. When everyone else woke up, we headed to our amazingly delicious bridal breakfast that was hosted by Catherine. It was amazing. My mom started running through a mental list of things we were supposed to remember to bring. I remembered then that I had gotten everything that I was supposed to except the actual wedding dress, which was still hanging up at my house. Of all the things, y’all. Thankfully, it was retrieved.

I can’t speak highly enough of my photographer, Jaime! She was such a joy to be around, and she didn’t waste any time. We got it done.


Our Ampersand Photography

And I must confess, the photo above was taken….in the LaFayette Cemetery! Sorry, but when I see a brick wall covered in ivy in LaFayette, I don’t care what it’s next to. We’re gonna take the picture.

Suddenly, it was time to walk down the aisle. It was very strange to see things taking place that I had played through in my head so many times. The music was playing and everyone was walking and suddenly, I was hooking arms with my dad to start the walk down the aisle. I was immediately blown away by all of the people just in the ends of the rows looking at me. I finally got to the end and saw that Ben was tearing up, which was a score for me because he is not a crying person at all. And I most definitely am, yet I held it together for the most part.

Our Ampersand Photography

Our Ampersand Photography

Our amazing campus minister from BCM led the ceremony. He’s been a very important role model in my life, so it was really special to have him officiating. When he said the part where I’m supposed to say “I Do,” I was totally zoned out and it took a few seconds of him staring blankly at me before I realized that I was supposed to speak. I have some listening problems, I’ll be real with you. You’d think that of all the times that I could move past these issues would be during the ceremony where I’m getting MARRIED but apparently not.

My favorite moment of the day was right after Ben and I walked back down the aisle. We went out on the front steps of the church and had a sweet moment by ourselves. It was just this amazing moment of realizing that we’re husband and wife now. After so many months of anticipation, it was here and we could relax and celebrate! We took family photos and then headed out to the reception. The barn looked amazing, mainly because we had so many selfless people show up the day before to help decorate. I can’t even describe it. Nothing brings me the fuzzy feelings like seeing a group of people come together in joyful service and fellowship! It was beautiful and perfect.

I only forgot a couple of minor details, like I have no idea where the garter is that I intended to wear, but when they said, “Time for the bouquet and garter toss!” I suddenly realized that no garter was on me. This was fine though, at least to everyone except a few angry groomsmen who said, “there’s no hope for us now!” Sorry.

Our Ampersand Photography

Our Ampersand Photography

I wanted to hug and speak to every single person there, but it wasn’t possible. It felt like we were only at the reception for 10 minutes! Let me tell you, people. You’ll never be as cool as you are on your wedding day. I’ve never felt so popular in my life!

Ben and I were continually blessed throughout the day. I can’t believe how many people love and support us. Thank you to each and every one of you! We love you so much.

Our Ampersand Photography | East West Design Co

Our Ampersand Photography | East West Design Co

And now, I’m sitting at our apartment in Auburn. While I’m working on East West Design Co plenty now, I’m also job searching for a teaching position in the fall and also a summer job. Please be in prayer for me as I search for both jobs! Also, please pray that we will find community here, especially a strong church family. I’ll try to keep updating on our Auburn adventures!

If you want to see more of Jaime’s pictures, click here!



One thought on “The Wedding

  1. Your wedding was so beautiful (I have creeped hard on all the pictures, #noshame). I love this post so much! Your blog always makes me smile. The campus minister from Shorter did our wedding; I just love BCM! Congratulations, Rachel! You were a stunning bride!

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