Reading & ..Writing?

Student teaching is in full swing! Needless to say, my days have gotten a lot busier than they were in the summer. I’m already running out of cute teacher clothes to wear, which is a TRAGEDY. I’m going to have to get creative…

Something I really want to work on during this semester is to still make time for reading books. All throughout college I have used school as an excuse to neglect reading for pleasure. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I never want to stop actively reading a book if at all possible. Here’s what I’ve been reading and am looking forward to reading next:

coldtangerines nesting      brave

Cold Tangerines – I enjoyed Bread & Wine a lot when I read it in the spring, so I knew that I would have to read another Shauna Niequist book at some point. Her writing is so comforting and beautiful. I love the way she tells a story!

The Nesting Place – I really loved this. I just finished it today. It was a birthday gift from my mom. Decorating and creating have always been a passion of mine since I was a child and I rearranged my room every month. This will definitely be a book to read and re-read as I move through life making new places feel like home–wherever God leads me.

Let’s All Be Brave – Jessica and I had our first book club meeting this past week and it was a huge success. I say book club to sound fancy, but in reality it’s the two of us sitting at 2 Story talking about life and the book. It’s so good! And I feel like we’re friends with Annie F. Downs because she’s a UGA grad from Marietta. Basically it’s like we know her, right? Reading about what it means to be brave actually led to Jessica inviting me to come on an adventure with her next month…


We had talked about this book by Emily P. Freeman on Thursday and how good we thought it looked! This morning, I woke up to a text from her sharing an opportunity to go to this conference called At The Barn: A Place for Writers. I read some more about it and realized that it’s being held by the author herself in North Carolina! It looked truly magical. The only problem was that I would miss the Tennessee game and if I wanted to go, I had to act fast because there’s only 50 spots at this conference.

I could’ve sat and thought about this a while, but I didn’t have the time. I could’ve listed all the reasons not to go, such as football, the fact that I don’t claim to be a “writer,” or that it could be a waste of time or money. But something felt like God was telling me to go for it! Am I worthy of going? I’m not really sure yet. The description to the event contained these bullet points:

  • Gain fresh perspective on your writing for your internet-fatigued soul
  • Recognize the critical voices keeping you from your best song, story, or post.
  • Discover hopeful relief from the weight of comparison and competition

I at least can say that I have a lot of weight from comparison and competition in my head and there is no doubt about that. From my future teaching career to every day in our Etsy shop activities, I feel a constant battle against my human tendency to compare myself to the talents and success of others. Every time I share a blog post, I fear that people will think I sound stupid or meaningless.
I’m tired of thinking these thoughts, and I’m looking forward to what will come about through this conference in a few weeks! And I’m thankful for Jessica for asking me to be brave. 🙂