Good Mornings

I don’t know about y’all, but the way I start out my morning often sets the tone for the rest of the day. Yesterday, I turned off all of my alarms in my sleep and woke up way too late for school. I felt totally undone the entire day and I came home feeling pretty rough.

Today, I woke up in a good mood. And somehow, that good mood lasted all day! I started to notice that things were just going my way. The kindergarteners were saying sweet things to me and just being really great today. I thanked God for each of them and felt myself smiling all throughout the day. Later, I took a moment to read the comments on our featured post on Madison’s blog, Wetherills Say I Do. Wow, that filled up my bucket, as we say in kindergarten. Just reading those made me feel even better. I thanked God again. I smiled some more. Then after school, I went by this new store in Athens that’s basically the Christian version of Anthropoligie. Does it get any better than that? Athens friends, go to Philanthropy. (Across from Creature Comforts, next to Ted’s Most Best [aka the best pizza place ever]). They donate 10% of your purchase to ministries in Athens! I made friends with the girl working there, and when she learned that I had an Etsy shop, she excitedly told me that she had heard of us and offered me so much encouragement. I left feeling so filled up and encouraged again. I noticed myself being friendlier to anyone I interacted with. I kept thinking, why can’t everyday be like this?

Maybe it can. Maybe if I start my days out thanking God for the good things instead of focusing on each flaw or mistake that I make, then I will end the day feeling spiritually renewed and thankful for what He’s blessed me with. I could’ve chosen to dwell in the mistake I made when I was being observed today at school, or all of the things I didn’t get checked off my to-do list. But instead I started counting my blessings. Today, I felt like it truly was well with my soul, and I liked that feeling!

Anyway, the rest of the evening was pretty great as well. I got to talk to someone in a downtown shop about selling some East West Design Co greeting cards there. It looks like our Athens greeting cards and the Georgia Home Sweet Home cards will soon be sold in stores!!! More details on that later. I couldn’t be more excited.

IMG_9164 - Version 2


Also, this happened tonight. There’s nothing like an impulsive trip to Target with friends, you know? The phrases “Um, I want to buy everything” and “I think I need these candles” were said multiple times, and Scarlett and I did both leave with candles.

TOMORROW. Only a few hours away. Jessica and I are finally heading to North Carolina for Emily Freeman’s writer’s conference: At The Barn. I can’t believe we’re doing this. I’m still not sure if this is for me. But something told me to go for it, even if I have to miss the Tennessee game tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out and I know that it’s going to be a day of growth for us. We’re starting out the day in our sweat pants because…why would we wear our cute clothes in the car for 4 hours? And then we’re stopping in Charlotte for lunch, which I am PUMPED about because I’ve never been there. Pray for us, y’all.

What a wonderful friend. I love her dearly.

What a wonderful friend. I love her dearly.

september1Oh, uh here’s a nerdy student teacher moment…next week is apple week at school. I am a little bit too excited about this. A lot of apples will be eaten.

Custom South Carolina state print for a customer.

Custom South Carolina state print for a customer. Click here to order yours!

And just a little bit of extra, because I can’t resist pushing the shop on you guys in every post. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Odds & Ends

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but it’s been a pretty busy summer. One of the best things that’s been happening has been my and Lindsey‘s Etsy shop. Starting today, and lasting through this week, we’re offering a 20% off discount to celebrate our one month birthday!

Enter the code ONEMONTH when making your purchase!



On a separate note, I discovered something really great today. It was one of those great discoveries that nobody really knows about. So I’m going to tell you. If you know me, you know that I have a passionate love for antiques. I love to find old things and give them new life! Thankfully, the south recognizes the greatness of antiques, but sometimes, antiques can get a little bit pricey.

I drive between Madison and Athens quite often when I’m visiting Ben’s family or when I’m babysitting in Bishop. The road that I travel is one of my favorite roads to drive on. It’s simple and peaceful, and there’s a few little places along the way that I think look adorable and intriguing.

Today, when I finished babysitting, I decided to stop by this little junk store called Reed’s Odds & Ends. It’s located right between Watkinsville and Bishop, so only 15 minutes away from Athens, if even that.

ImageYou can’t beat clean restrooms, right?

When I went in, I knew right away that I would like it. It’s the kind of place where you can walk in and know who “Reed” is within seconds. And he was a cute old man. He was watching TV Land. HELLO. This place was filled with amazing stuff! I left with some crocheted doilies, a couple of old post cards, and two amazing blue mason jars. They are the best. I definitely think it’s worth the trip over to Bishop to go to this adorable little hole in the wall. ImageImageImageThere’s still more to discover between Athens and Madison.. Thomas Orchards, where I plan to buy some peaches, the Farmington Depot Gallery, and a pottery shop in Bishop. Hopefully I can knock em all out before summer is over.

Etsy Find: Amaginarium

ImageI recently saw this amazing USA cork board on a blog giveaway, which I immediately entered, and did NOT win.. because Lindsey did! But I couldn’t let this one go. So I went ahead and ordered one, and I can’t wait to get it in the mail!!! I also ordered some cute little arrows to pin on wherever I have been.. or wherever I hope to be. Who knows?

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!



Grand Opening!

This is pretty exciting. Today is the day. OUR ETSY SHOP IS OPEN!!!

Check it out.. now.


I’m nervous but excited to see how this will turn out. It has been prayerfully considered for a long time. It’s been pretty interesting planning this from different sides of the country. There have been countless texts and trips to our respective Michael’s stores and conversations that include venting and frustration over scanning and printing. That was a whole adventure in itself. But thankfully, Athens Printing came through and really helped me out. It’s rare to find a company that actually goes above and beyond what they’re supposed to do to make you happy. It was definitely a blessing when they finally handed over 300 prints of my cards!


Yesterday was a great day. Instead of being lazy and sleeping in (like I really wanted to), I got up and went to the Farmers Market with Claire and Emily. I got some beautiful flowers and and this print from my favorite Etsy shop owner.. besides myself and Lindsey of course. 😉



And then last night, I got to see two wonderful people get married! It was the sweetest wedding, and it was clear that Matthew and Hannah are two people pursuing the Lord in everything that they do. The whole event felt very relaxed and fun. And we had breakfast for dinner…what’s better than that?



Hannah and I have gotten a lot closer since volunteering with the Cubbies (3 and 4 year olds) at Awana together at Oconee Heights this year. When we first started, I was very hesitant. I didn’t think I was going to like little kids. Even though I’m majoring in early childhood education, I tend to steer away from the little ones because I didn’t think I was meant for them. Hannah and I ended up having a blast with these children! They were more fun than I ever expected. I think that since we are both future teachers, we bonded over learning from these kids and the way that they do life. Since that experience, I’ve felt like God was teaching me that I can really learn to love little children just as much as the older ones. And then, of course, I happened to be placed in a kindergarten class for my student teaching next semester. I’d like to consider this all as a part of God’s arrangement. I’m excited to see what’s in store!

Since Hannah has also been super encouraging about the Etsy store and my products that I’ve made, I had to make her something as a wedding gift. I’m so excited about it.



So that’s what’s been up lately! Please check out our shop. Spread the word! And most importantly, pray for us to keep Jesus at the forefront of our minds in everything we do!