After many years of consideration, I have to say that I think Spring is my official favorite season. It’s hard because Fall is so full of wonderful things: football, pumpkin flavored things, hayrides, and flannel-wearing. But this Spring weather has just been doing me good. I feel like everytime I step outside, my mood completely lifts. You have to appreciate Spring because it’s making up for the freezing cold winter weather! I feel like it was just the Snowpocalypse and I was trapped in my apartment for days dealing with cabin fever. And suddenly now there are flowers and blue skies all around! Because of my new discovery, I have really been putting more effort into soaking up this time while it’s here.

Things are changing. Fast.

Here’s some things I’ve been up to lately:

Image1. Babysitting this sweet little one and her sisters! Sometimes I just want to ditch school and be a professional babysitter. I guess that’s not acceptable…right?


2. Easter in Dudley with Ben & his mom’s side of the family! I love them.


Image3. Yes, that is a man in a gorilla suit. On our last day of class, my cohort met at our teacher’s house in the Boulevard neighborhood, had class, and ate lasagna. Then we walked to the tree room together. How cool is that? It was really nice to be welcomed into her cute home in one of the coolest parts of Athens! I feel like people overlook the greatness of Normaltown/Prince Avenue.


4. And speaking of that area, Ben and I went to Viva Argentine on Friday. It used to be on the east side but just moved to Bottleworks-right next to Hendershots. I was reluctant at first because I am apprehensive about spicy food, but this wasn’t a problem. I got empanadas and soup and it was DELICIOUS.

5. A sad confession: I’ve really never been very good at reading my Bible. Even when I did, I was just reading through it and not really studying it. Then I realized what I was missing: a study Bible! I don’t know why I had never invested in one, but I was given one at our last BCM leadership meeting with my name on it and everything. Last week I picked it up and started flipping through it. I came to 1st Samuel and just started reading. Since then, I’ve actually been able to read a little bit every night. I started REALLY reading it. Not just the verses but all of the notes and side stories. I finally feel like I’m making sense of the Bible and all of the stories that I often let go over my head. I’m just sad that it took me this long to realize how great a study bible can be.


6. The newest addition to my antique collection is this amazing Coke crate with bottles! I had to work really hard to clean them all out because they were pretty muddy, but I’m happy with them. They all have different cities on the bottoms of them that tell where they were bottled at. I love that. And they came from Ben’s great grandfather, which makes them even better!

Image7. My first watercolor experiment. I may have a long way to go but painting with watercolors is really fun. It might have to take the place of knitting in my life for a while in this hot weather. It’s just hard to knit when it’s not cool outside. 😦


Happy Spring!!